The Chisum Challenger

Chisum Challenger Frame Machine

THE CHALLENGER FRAMe MACHINE ONLY THE FINEST The Chisum Challenger is the world’s #1 drive-on frame machine with a precision-milled deck. After fabrication, each Challenger mainframe spends 48 hours running through a computer-controlled milling machine. This process eliminates any distortion in the steel and ensures that the entire mainframe is 100% true, both end-toned and…

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The Chisum Workhorse

Chisum Workhorse Frame Machine

THE WORKHORSE FRAMe MACHINE Ramps RAMPSChisum Workhorse removable ramps not only allow for great access to the vehicle — they come standard wider than the competitors, at a width of 92”. A heavy-duty truck or SUV will fit on the Workhorse with ease. Mounting Arms MOUNTING ARMSWe designed the mounting arms wider, allowing the clamping…

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