The Chisum Bronco

CHISUM BRONCO FRAME MACHINE ONLY THE BEST Due to its unique design, the technician can drive on the machine, or drive right off the machine so it can be used in a drive through bay. The technician does not have to get out and get on their knees to place rubber pads onto the system.…

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The Chisum Challenger

Chisum Challenger Frame Machine

THE CHALLENGER FRAMe MACHINE ONLY THE FINEST The Chisum Challenger is the world’s #1 drive-on frame machine with a precision-milled deck. After fabrication, each Challenger mainframe spends 48 hours running through a computer-controlled milling machine. This process eliminates any distortion in the steel and ensures that the entire mainframe is 100% true, both end-toned and…

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The Chisum Workhorse

Chisum Workhorse Frame Machine

THE WORKHORSE FRAMe MACHINE Ramps RAMPSChisum Workhorse removable ramps not only allow for great access to the vehicle — they come standard wider than the competitors, at a width of 92”. A heavy-duty truck or SUV will fit on the Workhorse with ease. Mounting Arms MOUNTING ARMSWe designed the mounting arms wider, allowing the clamping…

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