The Incredible RV-700

The CMO RV700 Electronic Controlled Riveter With Digital Riveting Technology
90 kN Adjustable Push Pull Force

Self Piercing Rivets

Self Piercing

Flow Form Rivets

flow form


The RV700 Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR) is part of most OEM-recommended methods for joining aluminum panels together and/or removing rivets.

The cold-forming technique requires no heat and no pre-drilled holes. The CMO SPR is a reliable tool for riveting aluminum panels together with high dynamic strength. Additionally, with the optional kits to be included, it is possible to install different types of fasteners like blind rivets and rivet nuts, and hole punching.

The RV700 is a battery-operated, hydraulic riveting system that allows the operator to select or adjust the force (kN level) used to insert the fastener based on the type of rivet and OEM recommendations. The pressure and speed controls increase accuracy and enable the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion.

The micro-control system built into the l-pump has the capability to record and download riveting data, create specific programs and generate riveting job reports. The failsafe feature prevents the operator from riveting if there is not enough power in the battery, meaning the unit cannot complete the riveting cycle. On the graphical display, it is possible to review real-time information about the pump, set-up, and actual installation force, select pressure, and store custom riveting programs. The instant onscreen graph is able to report whether the rivet has achieved the required pressure during installation.

The system has a light regulatory system and diagnoses when there is a fault with the machine and/or service is required. The l-pump device is equipped with a USB port for downloading recorded riveting data with firmware upgrades.

The body of the pump and all components are made of tested high-resistance materials. This riveter tool has been designed to be light, compact, and have a robust structure. It will operate and perform in all work environments with temperatures between -4° F (-20° C) to 122° F (50° C). For strength and durability, the CMO engineers chose to make the casing entirely of insulating, shock-resistant polyamide material, that has also been reinforced with an additional layer of fiberglass.

The technology in this riveter unit enables the adaption of various attachments for different applications. The electro-hydraulic pump is pneumatically driven with a pressure ratio of 1:100. This means that the hydraulic maximum output pressure is 700bar (70 MPa). when the equipment’s preset final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps this pressure constant. The system has extremely rapid advancement thanks to a special double piston technology, characterized by a low-pressure advancement and a slow high-pressure advancement. The conversion from low to high pressure takes place automatically at approximately 90bar (9 MPa) and the unit has great reverse capacity for more rapid working cycles.

The hydraulic hose package is connected to the electro-hydraulic pump via a high-pressure hose. The 5-foot (1.5 m) hose is connected to the pump via a leak-free quick-release hydraulic coupling in conformity with the CEJN S115 standard.

The ergonomic remote actuator control integrates the ON, Forward, and Reverse buttons and is additionally equipped with a LED light that provides real-time status diagnoses while the riveter machine is operating. The handset also has a fastening clip and integrated magnetic support to be used when in standby.

  • Light Weight

    11lb. pump unit
    11lb. C-Arm Riveter*

  • Portable

    Easy to carry

  • Li-Ion Battery

    Operated at 18V DC 2.0Ah

  • Electric Power

    Many options are available. Transformer unit replaces the battery pack

  • Failsafe

    Riveting on low battery power failsafe

  • Adjustable

    kN capabilities

  • Job Traceability


  • Electric Pressure Sensor

    200bar (20MPa) - 700bar (70MPa)

  • Hydraulic Oil ISO 15

    Max 750ml

  • Pump Motor

    with permanent magnets in continuous current

  • Very Quiet

    in operation<70db (A) at a distance of 3 feet

  • HP hydraulic hose

    package 5 foot leak-free fast release coupling CEJN S115

  • Remote Control Actuator

    with operation LED On/Forward, release button

  • USB 2.0

    cable 5 pole mini type connectors A plug & B socket

Optional Blind Rivet and Nutsert Adapters



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