NP-3 Nitrogen Plastic Welder

The Nitrogen Plastic Welder uses hot nitrogen gas to restructure common plastic components in automotive repair — from cracked bumper cover surfaces to hinged tabs. Nitrogen is used as a shielding gas to prevent the plastic from burning during the weld process — producing a strong, lasting weld. Compressed air is used to maintain consistent temperature between welds — the nitrogen is only activated when pulling the trigger so that it’s not wasted between welds.

Digital Controls

All digital controls for setting air, nitrogen flow and temperature settings.


Heater Protection

The gas pressure sensing system extends the heating element lifetime by detecting low air flow. Loss of supply pressure causes power to the heating element to shut down while the display screen shows a “low flow” warning.


Plastic Welding Rods

The NP-3 kit includes various plastic welding necessities such as thermoplastic filter rod, aluminum tape, and fine grit sandpaper.


12V Adapter

Our very own HSW-200 Hot Staple Welder utilizes this hand 12V adapter completing your plastic repair toolset.


Welding Iron

The Welding Iron provides versatility. With its several tips, we can tack, weld, and smooth.