PHS-101 Battery Operated Welder

No 3-Phase required! Battery operated DC spot welding system with current monitoring. The Hybrid Spot now features weld current monitoring to show the operator how much current is delived to each weld. The unit can also alert the user when the weld current falls below a preset level. The Hybrid Spot Resistance Spot Welder provides a great alternative spot welder where 3 phase power is not available or overloaded. The battery operated welder delivers high amperage DC weld current designed to produce powerful spot welds. No input power is required to operate the welder. The built-in charging system is capable of charging all batteries at the same time.

Battery Operated

The hybrid series welders are completely battery operated which means no special power installation is required, making them much more portable than traditional welders.


Double-Acting Gun

New innovative Spot Gun from Pro Spot features double-acting cylinder, wide-spreading electrodes, self-aligning electrodes.


Extension Arms

The Hybrid Spot comes with a variety of extension arms to accommodate any welding job.


Control Panel

The Hybrid Spot features a large control panel providing welding parameter control, current monitoring and much more.


Single-Sided Welding

10 different Single-Sided welding applications give you the power and versatility to complete any job.