PR-10 Resistance Spot Welder

The PR-10 Resistance Spot Welder is designed to make structural strength 6mm weld nuggets. It can produce higher quality welds than any other welder in its class. Welding with the PR-10 is easy, no heavy lifting is required since the welding head is weight balanced. Thanks to the trans-gun design with liquid cooling, the PR-10 produces over 10,000 A of weld power at the welding tips. In a sheer strength test, a single PR-10 weld holds more than 2200 lb. (1000kg). The PR-10 welds measure up to the factory requirements weld after weld.

Extension Arms

The Pro Spot PR-10 comes with a variety of extension arms to accommodate any welding job.


X-Adapter (Optional)

The X-type design is used on certain applications where the C-type can’t reach.



The Pro Spot PR-10 comes with a variety of welding electrodes to accommodate any welding job. All Pro Spot electrodes are made of class II copper/chromium allot for longer life and better spot welding capability.


MIG Duo Welder

PR-10 Duo features an easy upgrade to include a PR-155 MIG welder. It can be installed later as an upgrade package or ordered with the MIG welder built-in from the factory.


PR-10 Overhead Installation

The Pro Spot PR-10 is available in an overhead ceiling-mounted version. The ceiling-mounted version hangs from the ceiling at 20’ bracket spacing.