Pr-2000 Inverter Resistance Spot Welder

The PR-2000 inverter resistance spot welding system is a powerful 3 or 1 phase spot welder utilizing the new inverter technology to produce higher quality, faster repair jobs. The pre-programmed weld modes automatically select the proper weld current and weld time. The digital display lists the selected program. The Extension Arm System allows access to hard to reach areas.

Double-Acting Gun

New innovative Spot Gun from Pro Spot features double-acting cylinder, wide-spreading electrodes, and self-aligning electrodes.


Extension Arms

The Pro Spot PR-2000 comes with a variety of extension arms to accommodate any welding job.


Single-Sided Welding

10 different Single-Sided welding applications give you the power and versatility to complete any job.


Control Panel

The PR-2000 features a large 4”x6” monitor capable of displaying data and weld parameters.


PR-2000 Combi: Built-in MIG Welder

PR-2000 features an easy upgrade to include a PR-155 MIG Welder. It can be installed later as an upgrade package or ordered with MIG welder built-in from the factory.


PR-2000 Overhead Installation

The Pro Spot PR-2000 is available in an overhead ceiling-mounted version. The ceiling-mounted version hangs from the ceiling at 20’ bracket spacing giving you extra floor space and accessibility.