Pr-205 Synergic MIG Welder

Pro Spot’s new PR-205 Synergic MIG Welder provides a compact, easy-to-use solution for MIG/MAG welding processes as well as MMA/Stick. In Synergic Mode, simply choose your base metal thickness, pull the trigger, and the machine will set the appropriate wire speed automatically.

The PR-205 has an optional cart featuring a bottle bracket, accessory drawer, and swivel casters adding mobility and convenience.


Adjustable Slope & Burn Back Time: The Slope adjusts the response of the motor at start-up ensuring a clean start to the weld. Burn Back Time maintains power to the torch after the motor stops ensuring a clean end to the weld.


Electrode Positive vs. Electrode Negative. The PR-205 enables the welder to easily change the electrode polarity for use with solid wire (electrode positive) or flux core wire (electrode negative).


PR-205 has Manual, Synergic, and Stick welding options.