PR-30P Plasma Cutting and Gouging System

The PR-30P Exocut Plasma Cutting and Gouging System utilizes inverter technology to incorporate high-power cutting into a small, portable package capable of cutting up to 5/8″ mild steel, 1/2″ stainless steel, and 1/2″ aluminum. The consumable kit contains general-purpose, ThinCut, and spot weld gouging nozzles and shields. Accessories included: cutting gloves, a shoulder strap for mobility, and Shade 5 cutting glasses.

Open Arc Technology

The PR-30P Exocut™ uses “Open Arc” technology to start the plasma arc without even touching the workpiece. This technology allows cutting across open areas in the panel, such as a rusty floorboard containing air gaps, without having to restart the plasma arc. The PR-30P does NOT utilize HF(High Frequency) start because it can be harmful to the modern day vehicle’s sensitive electronics.


Plasma Power

The PR-30P Exocut™ can cut through a variety of materials including aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and many more. The plasma arc will burn through any paint or coatings so there is no need to remove them.


The Drag Cutting Advantage

Drag cutting allows for the torch to drag across the cutting surface. This results in a more stable, precise cut than other plasma cutters that require the torch to float above the surface.